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Stoke Studio College - CABE

Stoke Studio College CABE is sponsored by Stoke on Trent College. It focuses on Construction and the Built Environment, Technology and Enterprise working with the national Centre for Refurbishment Excellence in Stoke on Trent and the new Discovery Academy.

Studio Schools Curriculum

Academic excellence lies at the heart of the Studio Schools’ curriculum model. All students are taught the National Curriculum; it is the fact that they are taught English, Maths and Science at GCSE via project based learning (PBL) which makes it unique.

Stephenson Studio School


The Creative and Media Studio School, Kirklees

Everyone starting at the Creative & Media Studio School begins a journey with many destinations. Some will go on to achieve vocational qualifications and get a great job, some will find themselves going to university and some will have the skills to set up their own business.

Current School locations

Open Schools

Opening Schools

What is a Studio School?

The name ‘Studio School’ comes from the concept of the Renaissance studio, prevalent in Europe from around 1400 to 1700, where working and learning were integrated. Students were taught by an experienced master in the same workshop in which the master created and produced his work. Artists and inventors such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo all learnt their trade and eventually taught in a studio setting.

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