Employers FAQ

Why would I want to take on a Studio School student?

Because it makes business sense. Our research shows that the employment of Studio Schools students can improve productivity and make employers more competitive. It makes long term sense too. Skills shortages are still one of the biggest threats to businesses in Britain. By taking on Studio School students you can ensure that young people in your local labour market develop the skills and experience that your business needs for the future. 

What support will my business get?

Your business will get support every step of the way. Every Studio School will have an Assistant Director responsible for business links who will be the link point between the Studio School and its partner businesses. You will have access to their expertise all year round and they will be available when you need them. 

How will Studio Schools placements work?

The specific way that Studio School placements are organised will vary from school to school; some will work through Education Business Partnership Organisations whilst others will approach employers directly. However, in all cases businesses will have the opportunity to work with partner Studio Schools to develop an approach that best suits their needs. 

How will students be chosen for placements?

Businesses will play a central role in the selection of students for placements. Studio Schools will work closely with employers to discuss their needs and identify the most suitable students for them. Studio Schools will support employers throughout work placements, ensuring that they are to the mutual benefit of both the student and employer. In worst case scenarios partner Studio School will take responsibility for moving students onto alternative placements. 

On what basis will Studio Schools students be employed?

Studio School students will be productive and valued members of your workforce. As a result they will be employed on the same basis as regular employees. They will sign a contract of employment and you will be responsible for ensuring that all its terms and conditions are met. However, your partner Studio School will support you every step of the way, providing you with all the support and guidance that you need. 

Will I need to navigate lots of red tape before employing Studio Schools students?

No. Employers are required to comply with the same legislation and regulations as regular employees when employing Studio Schools students. There are a number of additional considerations that need to be taken into account, principally relating to risk assessments and working hours. However these are relatively simple to implement and Studio Schools will provide employers with clear guidance and generic risk assessments for them to use. 

My business is struggling to make ends meet in the current economic climate. How is taking on a Studio Schools student going to help my businesses manage through it?

Even in difficult times like these, Studio Schools placements offer an important way for businesses to develop a committed and active workforce. When times are tough, competition is even tougher. That’s when a motivated, well supported, staff team could make a real difference to your chances of success. 

What experience/ training will students have before they enter the workplace?

Studio Schools will look and feel more like a business than a school. An employability skills framework will underpin all the Studio School’s activities. That means that students will be supported to develop key employability skills like initiative, punctuality and the ability to work in a team before they enter the workplace. Studio Schools will also provide students with ongoing training on a range of topics to support them throughout their work placements. 

Will we need to use a lot of staff for training?

One of the strengths of the Studio Schools model is that placements are frequent and take place over a sustained period of time. This means that after some initial guidance and training, students will have the time to develop the knowledge and skills they need to become valued employees. Our research shows that when similar programmes have been run in other countries, young people have quickly proven themselves be effective and competent employees. 

I don’t have to pay people on work experience, why do I need to pay Studio Schools students?

Studio Schools placements are very different to traditional school ‘work experience’. Rather than spending two weeks unpaid, students will participate in real work over a sustained period of time. In doing so they will become productive members of your business’ workforce. We feel that payment is a crucial to this, ensuring that students are seen and see themselves as valued employees. 

What is the difference between a Studio Schools placement and an apprenticeship?

With apprenticeships employers have to commit to offering training linked to specific vocational qualifications. This will not be the case with Studio Schools placements. Studio School students will participate in real work and will be employed on the same basis as regular employees. Placements will becoordinated by the partner Studio Schools, rather than the local skills councils, who will ensure that businesses get all the guidance and support that they need.