Getting Involved with a Studio School

Employers can get involved in their local Studio School in a variety of ways, including:

Providing work placements and experience

  • Our vision is of Studio School students being valued and productive members of the local workforce. We are not offering a different type of work experience or apprenticeship scheme. Rather, Studio Schools will offer real work placements that will bring tangible benefits to local employers.
  • Studio School students will spend a significant portion of their weekly time in work (equivalent to 4 hours per week at KS4 and 2 days per week at KS5). The design and organisation of work placements and work experience will vary from school to school, and business will work with their local school to develop an approach that best suits their respective needs.

Involvement and input in the curriculum

  • Design a business brief for a project
  • Provide expertise for the development of the enterprise curriculum
  • Employers can work with the Studio School to tailor qualifications to suit local business needs
  • Employers can use their business as a case study to develop students knowledge of the working world
  • Educational visits
  • Sponsorship of projects

Providing expertise

  • Provide feedback at the end of a project
  • Help to market end products
  • Mentoring students
  • Delivering sessions or masterclasses to students
  • Training Studio School staff
  • Provide guest speakers for events
  • Deliver mock and real interviews
  • Careers guidance

Providing resources

  • Provide access to facilities (eg sports facilities/workshops) for Studio School students
  • Provide access to contacts and networks
  • Provide materials for projects
  • Provide prizes for events/projects