Working with Employers

Employers have consistently raised concerns that young people are leaving education without key employability skills and a general awareness of the world of work. Many are frustrated by the failings of the traditional two week ‘work experience’ block, and share the view that more must be done to improve the authenticity of work experience and the quality of employer engagement in education.

Studio Schools seek to address this; strong links with local employers lie at the heart of the Studio School model. Employability skills will run through all aspects of the curriculum, from the way students learn to the qualifications they achieve. Crucially, Studio School students will spend a significant portion of their weekly time in real work. This will allow them to develop the skills and experience they need to succeed in their local labour market.

Furthermore, our research shows that, through working with Studio Schools, employers can improve their productivity and competitiveness. The shortage of key employability skills is one of the biggest threats to businesses in Britain. Employers can ensure that young people develop these skills by helping to shape the curriculum and type of qualifications offered in Studio Schools.

If you would like more information about getting involved with a Studio School please contact us at or on 0161 200 1630.