CBI 2016 Annual Survey reveals that there are still gaps in business skills

The ninth CBI Education and Skills Survey, reveals that employers are still concerned about the gap in business skills. The annual report, published in July, indicates that global trends are changing the nature of businesses and created more opportunities. However, the report shows that individuals are failing to take avantage of these opportunities, due the gap in education and the ability to equip students with the skills required to suceed in the world of work. 

Key findings of the survey show that: 


  • 69% of businesses believe that there will not be enough people available in the future with the skills to fill high-skilled jobs
  • Apprenticeships are valued by employers, 71% of business are already involved in an apprenticeship programme
  • 89% of employers identify 'attitude to work' as the most important attribute when hiring school leavers
  • 56% of employers are not satisfied with the work experience of school leavers
Overall, the report supports the need for education to encourage employability skills and provide relevant experience for students. Employability skills gained through work placements, is one of the key features of the Studio School model. 
To read the CBI Education and Skills Survey 2016, please click here.