Benefits for Businesses

Improve your bottom line

Our cost benefit analysis of the first wave of Studio Schools shows that the employment of Studio Schools students can improve productivity and make employers more competitive. Current employees will be able to gain skills and experience, and improve their self reflectiveness through coaching and mentoring students, and taking responsibility for their progress.

Fill your skills gap

Every new survey of unfilled vacancies confirms that employers are looking for, and not finding, the key employability skills that are so crucial to success in the workplace. By employing Studio Schools students, businesses can ensure that young people in their local labour market develop the skills and experience that their business needs to flourish.

Build a motivated workforce

Studio Schools students tend to be eager, flexible and hard working. Students will have chosen their Studio School in part because they want to gain real experience of the working world.

In addition:

  • Employers can help to shape the local education context to their needs
  • Working with a Studio School will help employers reach new audiences - new networks and business opportunities
  • CSR – competitive advantage
  • Employers can improve their local profile
  • Potential research opportunities
  • Employers can develop the skills of their current staff particularly through training and mentoring Studio School students