“We're setting up new Studio Schools offering a unique way of learning rooted in the real world with a curriculum tailored to those who will benefit from more practical learning, with support from skilled craftsmen and work experience with local employers.”

Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Prime Minister




“The Studio Schools Trust is currently developing Studio Schools with seven local authorities - engaging young people by offering a range of qualifications through an enterprise based curriculum and working in partnership with local businesses to help pupils develop employability skills.”

Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP
Former Prime Minister



“Studio Schools benefit both business and young people – they are a brilliant way for employers to become involved in helping give young people what they need to get good jobs. They are aimed at children who learn in more practical ways and offer good qualifications alongside the kind of skills employers want.

Studio Schools teach a rigorous academic and vocational curriculum in a practical way. They equip young people with the qualifications and skills to help companies prosper, and offer paid work experience.

It is fantastic that so many successful employers are getting behind the Studio School movement.”

Rt Hon Michael Gove MP
Secretary of State for Education



“I am pleased to support Studio Schools, which combine practical learning through enterprise projects with real experience of the world of work. Succeeding in a competitive job market is not just about passing exams but also about having self confidence and being articulate. Through working closely with employers and businesses, Studio Schools will help students gain a broad range of employability skills and work experience, as well as key qualifications, which is essential if they are to achieve their full potential.”

Stephen Twigg MP
Shadow Secretary of State for Education



“Studio Schools offer students the opportunity to get the skills and qualifications they need through a more practical approach. There are lots of students who will learn better though developing their natural interest in business or practical skills rather than spending most of their time sitting in a traditional classroom.

The first two schools will also provide a model for other Studio Schools to develop across the country, by demonstrating how they can help to raise standards and offer new opportunities for young people.”

Rt Hon Ed Balls MP
Shadow Chancellor and former Secretary of State for Education



“I am delighted to be approving such a strong field of Studio Schools to the next stage. More employers are getting involved in Studio Schools, demonstrating their commitment to preparing young people – who will be their future employees – to the world of work.

It is crucial for young people to have the skills and experience vital to employers, both for their own prosperity and to help us compete in the global race.””

Lord Nash
Under Secretary of State for Schools



“We are right behind the Studio Schools movement and keen to see it grow.

Studio Schools have a fresh and new culture for young people at risk of dropping out elsewhere. They are all ability, have high aspirations for all pupils and make sure young people get the strong qualifications they need to get into employment or university, whether that’s GCSEs, A levels, Diplomas, BTECs or NVQs.

But they also give them the practical skills employers demand in trades like construction, hospitality, plumbing and engineering, as well as softer skills like team working, communication, initiative and punctuality – exactly the kind of intangibles that businesses want but often can’t find in school leavers.

Studio schools show us how to go beyond so-called ‘traditional’ teaching by using some of the most innovative teaching methods like personal mentoring and coaching, project-based learning which cuts across subjects, and rooting lessons in practical, real-life situations. And they use smaller classes to back up high-quality staff, allowing them to focus more attention on pupils who might have been at risk of falling behind or switching off.”

Lord Hill of Oareford
Former Under Secretary of State for Schools




"Studio schools are a brilliant innovation. For too long 'big is best' has been the guiding rule of education policy. Studio Schools are able to provide a focused approach to the needs of the individual student, and to create small learning communities where everyone knows everyone."

Lord Andrew Adonis
Former Under Secretary of State for Schools




“The British Chamber of Commerce believes that stronger links between schools and employers are crucial for the future of businesses up and down the country. Studio Schools will do just that, involving local and national business in all aspects of this innovative curriculum model.”

David Frost CBE
Former Director General, British Chamber of Commerce




“Studio Schools will make a real difference to businesses across the country. They will ensure young people develop the key employability skills they need to succeed in work.”

James Fothergill
Head of Education and Skills, CBI





“The Federation of small businesses are excited about Studio Schools. Through real work and a focus on employability skills, they will equip young people with the skills that small businesses need.”

Colin Willman
Chairman of Education Policy, Federation of Small Businesses




“The Institute of Directors has long argued that improving employability must be central to the education system. Through real work and an emphasis on key employability skills, Studio Schools will help to improve the work-readiness of young people and widen understanding of enterprise and business.”

Mike Harris
Head of Education and Skills, Institute of Directors




“We’re delighted that the opening of 15 new Studio Schools has been approved. Their unique education model is a vital tool in helping young people achieve their potential and contributing to the UK’s workforce, which needs to be equipped with the skills to be successful in the modern, global economy.

“Edge believes that “learning by doing” should be valued equally with academic learning and that all learners should experience a mix of both. There are many pathways to success.”

Jan Hodges
Chief Executive Officer for the Edge Foundation




“Studio Schools will break new ground in the British education system, offering a more practical approach to learning that will transform communities and make a real difference to the lives of young people across the country. I am delighted that the first wave of Studio Schools are set to open in the coming years. This is the culmination of a great deal of important work by the Young Foundation, Edge and many others.”

Geoff Mulgan
Chief Executive of NESTA (and Former Director of the Young Foundation)



"In the face of recession and rising youth unemployment it is more important than ever to nurture within our young people with the transferable employability skills and enterprising behaviours they will need to thrive in the adult world. I am delighted that the DfE has approved the next wave of Studio Schools to join the existing Studio Schools in focusing on this vital issue. More students will now have the opportunity to develop these skills in addition to academic or vocational qualifications following the success of the existing Studio Schools. I'm pleased to see this concept developed by the Young Foundation now going to scale."

Simon Tucker
Chief Executive of the Young Foundation (and former Chair of SST)




“There are many paths to success and Studio Schools will offer a new route for young people who are looking for a more practical approach to learning. Studio Schools will provide an invaluable new option for young people who find the current academically focused education system disengaging. We know that there is a real need for this provision and we look forward to seeing many more Studio Schools open in the future.”

Andy Powell
Former Chief Executive of Edge Foundation