Westminster Education Forum - Using data and evidence in education: teacher engagement, measuring pupil progress and use in classroom teaching

Thursday, 30th March 2017
Central London
The use of research data and evidence in teaching, learning and the measuring of pupil progress will be the focus for this timely seminar. 
Delegates will discuss improving teacher engagement with data and research including the role of the new College of Teaching in fulfilling the Government’s aim of creating an evidence informed teaching profession. They will also consider the proposals aimed at improving teacher access to data such as the creation of a bank of research informed by best practice classroom teaching for teachers to use. 
Sessions will also focus on the latest thinking and include best practice examples of the effective use of research data in classroom teaching. Attendees will consider addressing barriers against the use of data in teaching including overcoming data access challenges and improving data literacy amongst teachers to enable them to better engage with research. 
Further topics of discussion will include issues surrounding the use of data in measuring pupil progress such as; supporting staff to identify and use most accurate data available; current best practice examples of effective use of data for monitoring pupil progress including the use of big data; overcoming data storage and transferability challenges faced by schools and the role of research and data in driving school improvement.
Please note this event costs £210 +VAT