Open a School

The Process

Studio Schools are set up as Academies, either as stand alone schools or as a school within a multi-academy trust. Applicants need to submit an application to the Department for Education. Applicantion rounds occur twice a year, in March and September. 

The Studio Schools Trust holds the intellectual property rights and trademarks for both the Studio School name and CREATE skills framework. This provides protection and ensures the value of the brand is maintained. Organisations can only set up a Studio School in agreement with the Studio Schools Trust.

Support from the Studio Schools Trust

The Studio Schools Trust provides advice and guidance to organisations wanting to set up a Studio School, and is the membership body that unites all Studio Schools. When you join the Studio Schools Trust you get a bespoke package of support tailored to your individual needs. This includes help with developing your proposal, guidance through every stage of the application process, as well as ongoing support during the pre-opening period and once your school is fully open.

We also act as a linking point between Studio Schools, enabling the sharing of best practice and expertise. We hold a range of conferences, workshops and events throughout the year. To support this work we ask partners to make an annual voluntary contribution which allows us to continue to work as a charity.

If you would like further information about Studio Schools and how you can establish one in your local area please email us at or call on 0161 200 1630.