CREATE Framework

The CREATE framework is grounded in a wide range of skills typologies and has been developed specifically for Studio Schools in order to equip young people with the key employability skills that they need to flourish in life.

Evidence consistently shows that employers are concerned about key skills gaps in the British economy. Every new survey of unfilled vacancies confirms that employers are looking for - and not finding - key employability skills amongst schools leavers. 

However, extensive research shows that equipping young people with employability skills alone is not enough. In a competitive and uncertain world, young people also need to think creatively, build resilience and be able to respond effectively to rapidly changing circumstances. The evidence suggests that embedding creativity and an ability to respond successfully to change is vital if the UK is to compete in an increasingly globalised service economy.

Consequently, the unique CREATE skills framework has been designed specifically for Studio Schools and is comprised of a wide range of employability and life skills. CREATE stands for Communication, Relating to people, Enterprise, Applied skills, Thinking skills and Emotional intelligence. As well as being developed through the Studio Schools Trust multi-disciplinary Enterprise projects, CREATE skills underpin all activities in the Studio School and will be used by coaches to encourage and track students' development.