Bicester Technology Studio

The vision for the Bicester Technology Studio (BTS) is of a unique partnership with local SME businesses in the Bicester area that will provide a challenging but supportive practical learning alternative curriculum, in an environment which feels much more like a workplace than a school. It offers unparalleled opportunities to those young people who would be most likely to under-perform in traditional secondary schools – these including some very gifted and talented individuals as well as others with a variety of specific learning needs. It delivers for both town and students a future of expanding possibilities, where well-skilled young technicians are available to underpin the growth of high technology and green equipment industries in and around north Oxfordshire.

BTS specialises in the new sustainable construction technologies that are already being implemented and are essential for delivery of the ‘Garden City’ vision for new housing expansion over the next twenty years or so. As Bicester more than doubles in size over this period, young people with the right skills and expertise will be equipped to build bright new futures, both for themselves and for their community.

The BTS project is being developed in partnership between Activate Learning (previously Oxford & Cherwell Valley College group) and Bicester Vision – a lively forum of local SME employers and representatives of the community. It also has strong support from Oxfordshire County Council, Cherwell District Council and from the two existing secondary schools in Bicester.

Bicester Technology Studio's prospectus