Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio

The Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio works closely with local employers to provide real work experience opportunities and concentrate on four skill sectors:

  • Business administration (law and finance focus)
  • Retail
  • ICT
  • Recreation, Leisure and Tourism

The Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio is sponsored by the Aldridge Foundation in partnership with the Darwen Aldridge Community Academy and Darwen Creates.

Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio's prospectus (13-16)

Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio's prospectus (16-19)

Sir Rod Aldridge, Chairman of The Aldridge Foundation said: 

“The Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio (DAES) is a unique opportunity to meet the needs of local young people and to contribute to the regeneration of the area. It will build on the remarkable progress made by Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, its entrepreneurial culture and the strong links it has forged with a wide range of employers. Our vision for the Enterprise Studio focuses on delivering academic excellence and high quality skills in sectors that have been identified as key to the growth of the local economy and future jobs. The Enterprise Studio will bridge the perceived divide between what our employers want and what schools can provide.”

A number of key local employers are supporting the scheme including Joe Devitt, Managing Director of Crown Paints based in Darwen:

“We’re delighted to be associated with this initiative. As a major employer in Darwen it’s very much in Crown’s interest to have access to a pool of committed and well trained students. It is particularly gratifying that the location for the proposed Studio should be the historic Queens Mill, a five-storey facility on our Hollins Road site. The Enterprise Studio will breathe new vitality and purpose into our community.”