IKB Studio School, Keynsham

Sponsored by the team behind the Bath Studio School (opening September 2014), the IKB Studio School is based in Keynsham as a collaboration with the outstanding Wellsway School. This STEM school is a powerful catalyst for change in STEM education and offers a dynamic and innovative curriculum embracing leading employers including Dyson and BMT.

The STEM Studio School will address outmoded and false perceptions of what STEM actually means. This vision for high quality STEM education is delivered and characterised by three key pillars:

  • High quality education with exceptional and sustainable employer and Higher Education engagement
  • High quality, ambitious teaching and outstanding student outcomes
  • A separate and clearly identifiable Studio School both in terms of governance but also in terms of local, regional and National STEM innovation

IKB Studio School's prospectus yr 10 

IKB Studio School's prospectus yr 12