Logic Studio School

Logic Studio School is an outstanding 14-19 school, meeting the demand of local families for a unique educational and business partnership specialising in Computing Technologies and International Logistics.

LSS provides a joined up approach to education; a provision which is ambitious for our students and their future. A combination of rigorous academic qualifications where the outcomes are made explicit through real-life structured work experiences, combined with a small school approach, ensures students achieve excellence.

LSS revolutionises educational provision by giving students what they need; specialised workplace skills, high levels of business literacy and numeracy and a readiness to enter industries that need them.

Our students will be:

  • Leaders who are forward-looking and able to transfer their skills to the world of work
  • Confident, resilient and excited about their ability to learn
  • Well informed problem-solvers
  • Taking a pride in the community with the highest shared aspirations

Our students will have:

  • High level literacy and numeric skills;
  • Business literacy
  • Emotional literacy and social awareness
  • Development of curiosity and enquiring minds

The rigorous academic curriculum is enhanced though project based learning, and through purposeful work related learning and work experience. Our computing specialism ensures that learning will be supported by the latest digital technologies with all learning spaces equipped with interactive and hand held technologies.