Ockendon Studio School

Our commitment to excellence requires all at The Studio School and The Academy to extend young people’s learning possibilities and find an alternative, different and creative way to engage us all in the agenda of providing much needed opportunities for a grounded learning experience in a realistic way that is ‘connected’ to the real world and up to date. We need to develop the necessary skills that are current as well as flexible and those that will meet the changing and challenging world of work, a career, earning and working or learning. We fully recognise that the ‘one size fits all’ solution now needs to become much more sophisticated and more clearly reflect the local context in meeting our young people’s needs.

The Studio Schools movement is an exciting opportunity to transform learning for 14-19 year olds. The possibilities for partnership work and practical project based learning extends the local and at times inward/insular position and offers a bold new approach to learning involving enterprise projects and real work, highlighting the importance of the ‘real world’. It is ‘looking outward’ and contextual learning which makes sense to many students and their parents in this current climate. This is therefore motivating to a significant number of young people with the chance to apply what they do know and reward their work in any learning and accreditation environment. It is also an agenda that is motivational for many parents, who also have ambition but understand the need for employability and employment at some stage in a young person’s life. This reduces risk and failure as well as dropout from study, work and life.This transformational approach will help to address the gap between what young people require to be a success and take responsibility for in their working and learning life and the skills and knowledge that current educational systems provide.

“As an international employer with local employment opportunities we are pleased and proud to support the concept of a studio school to ensure our young people become skilled, work ready employees of the future”

Dawn Sims, Vopak Terminals UK