Space Studio West London

The Space Studio West London caters for 300 students aged 14-18 and specialises in Space, Aerospace, Science and Maths. The Studio School is on the Aspirations Academies Campus in Feltham. 

The Studio School offers students the opportunity for students to work with local, national and international experts in the field and some exciting employers including The National Space Centre, UK Space Agency, European Space Agency, the aerospace industry around Heathrow,  and Rational Aviation.

The rationale for establishing the Studio School is clearly linked to the local economy and Heathrow Airport in particular where aerospace and space related industries are growing at a fast pace, but is hampered by a lack of an appropriately skilled workforce. The schools’ offer is highly aspirational with strong employer and expert educational support. There is a focus on equipping young people with skills much needed by local and national employers.

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