Studio Schools Curriculum

Academic excellence lies at the heart of the Studio Schools’ curriculum model. All students are taught the National Curriculum; it is the fact that they are taught English, Maths and Science at GCSE via project based learning (PBL) which makes it unique. Along with core GCSEs, Studio Schools deliver key academic and vocational qualifications at Level 2 and above, often related to the local labour market.

By working with educational experts, our local partners, and a range of employers, the Studio Schools Trust has developed a framework for the delivery of innovative multidisciplinary Enterprise Projects which enable PBL to take place, and also encourage the development of CREATE employability skills. Often commissioned by local employers, the projects take education out of the traditional classroom setting. When they work in this way to produce tangible and useful end-products, students’ learning becomes relevant to them and rooted in the real world.

All Studio Schools are provided with exemplar Key Stage 4 Enterprise Projects, which are mapped to the National Curriculum. They are also given support and guidance on how to adapt these to their local context and develop enquiry-based learning at Key Stage 5.

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