Jane Samuels


Jane works for the Edge Foundation as the Project and Operations Manager. Jane was responsible for setting up and the ongoing implementation of Edge’s project management system as well as working on a number of specific projects.

Projects that Jane is involved in include: Bulwell Academy where she is on the Board of Governors; The Edge Hotel School in conjunction with Essex University; HE@Work - a brokerage between employers and HEIs for the accreditation of experiential learning (Jane is also the Company Secretary for HE@Work); Young Enterprise and the AOC Beacon Awards. In addition Jane is responsible for a number of operational functions within Edge including Health & Safety, CRM and Data Protection.

Before joining Edge Jane worked briefly in both central and local government at DEFRA and the Local Government Association respectively.

Before that Jane spent 15 years working in the music industry, licensing intellectual property rights in music videos to UK and international broadcasters.

Jane has an interest in education which dates back to working in the Education Department of the Royal Opera House where Saturday mornings were often spent making costumes out of tissue paper for school workshops and taking non-singing parts in opera workshops when no-one else would volunteer.